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Hello! My name is Baby Boy, but you can call me whatever you'd like. I'm 18 years old and I live in Ontario Canada. I'm a boy (As you could probably tell from my name) and I'm in a closed relationship!

I used to mainly focus on creating a flowey art style, but am now trying to focus on making more animated expression-ate works. I work mainly in a digital style, and will be starting my first year in college in September! There I will be majoring in their 3D animation course.

I love and appreciate all the comments and feedback I recieve, it honestly makes my life to see them. However lately I've found myself unable to respond to a lot of comments. Please know that it isn't anything personal 90% of the time I either want to keep it in my inbox, don't know what to say, or simply just don't have the energy to respond. However I will always respond if you send me a message via Telegram, Discord, or Skype so please feel free to contact me there too!

!!! Hey you !!!
I am currently very busy settling in and studying at school. Activity and uploads will be very slow during this time, please understand!

Do you take requests/trades/commissions?
I do not take requests and only accept trades if we're very close friends. Commissions will be very rare while I'm studying at college.

May I draw fanart/gift art for you?
Of course! I absolutely adore getting art, all that I ask is that you don't draw any characters in NSFW situations without explicit permission first.

May I use and/or re-post your art on other sites, even with a credit/source?
No, unless it was a commission or the art was made for you, you absolutely may not. I have my art posted on most sites, so if you'd like to post it, I will provide the original for you to re-share.

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